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Timely Responses are Critical

The ability to respond in emergency situations is highly valued. During emergencies, response time becomes very critical, and few companies are equipped to handle this immediate response.

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Single Source Provider

Estes Industrials’ multi-faceted capabilities include refractory, insulation, structural, mechanical, scaffolding and coatings. Owners can single-source multiple services, providing a more economical solution.

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Estes offers a complete line of ASME & NBIC Services. Estes is approved with the industries (U, S, R & NB Stamps) certification for these services.

Importance of Immediate Asset Servicing and Repair for Plant Maintenance

Critical to plant maintenance is the ability to service and repair assets and equipment immediately so that normal plant activity can resume as soon as possible. The plant’s assets and equipment accumulate wear-and-tear that needs to be repaired or replaced. At times this disruption of critical equipment must be taken offline and serviced immediately so that normal operations may resume. This is vital to the profitability of the plant.

Plant maintenance may be scheduled according to the equipment’s condition or age. Unscheduled plant maintenance typically occurs after equipment failures.

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