Insulation Division – Industrial and Commercial

Estes Industrial has the ability to service the entire range of insulation applications for Industrial and Commercial businesses.

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Our Industrial and Commercial Applications

A complete range of applied insulation from cryogenic to +2000 degrees F.

Removable and reusable thermal insulation blankets for use on maintenance areas.

Sound abatement materials.

Insulation of process piping, steam piping, plumbing, boilers, chillers, and duct work.

Acoustical treatment of equipment rooms.

Acoustical treatment of equipment rooms.

A 24-hour service for maintenance as well as capital projects.

Extensive Project Portfolio

We have completed various projects throughout the United States, working in various states such as Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida, Arizona, Kansas, New York, Minnesota, and Hawaii.

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Our Experience

We have over 30 years of experience in vessel insulation on exhaust systems, heat exchanges, and chiller systems.

We can design, estimate, and install the most intricate vessel insulation. Our services have been provided to work boats, crew boats, jack-up boats, tugs, and various other vessels throughout the Gulf Coast area.

Areas of Specialty in Marine Applications

Fabrication of removable and reusable thermal insulation blankets for expansion joints, flanges and other maintenance areas.

Installation of U.S.C.G. approved material for A-60 fire protection bulkheads.

Installation of acoustic materials for soundproofing.

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