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Refractory material is a non-metallic substance that keeps its strength at extremely high temperatures. These materials are commonly used in linings for reactors, incinerators, furnaces, and kilns and other high-temperature equipment to protect against heat damage.

Industrial refractory services are responsible for the installation and repair of refractory materials. These services are essential to the safe and efficient operation of these facilities. Industrial refractory materials must be able to withstand high temperatures and corrosive chemicals and must be installed correctly to ensure the safety of the facility and its workers.

Industrial refractory services are necessary to keep facilities operating at peak efficiency and to protect workers and equipment from the high temperatures used in many industrial processes. Over time, these materials can degrade and need to be replaced or repaired. Qualified professionals have the training and experience necessary to install, repair, and maintain refractory materials and systems safely and effectively.

Our services have been provided in industries such as diversified industrial plants, refineries, chemical plants, sugar mills, the pulp and paper industry, the wood industry, and utility power plants.

We can design refractory linings for your specific requirements upon request. These recommendations are provided for the most cost-effective linings based on our experience.

We have completed various projects throughout the US, working in various states such as Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida, Arizona, Kansas, New York, Minnesota, and Hawaii.

Refractory Material & Services:

  • Firebrick
  • Corrosion Linings
  • Plastic Refractory
  • Gunite Linings
  • Castable Refractory
  • Fireproofing
  • Ceramic Fiber
  • Vibra-Casting
  • Tile Lining

Our work throughout the industry is primarily on fired process vessels such as boilers, burner blocks, dryers, combustion chambers, heaters, heat exchangers, reactors, kilns, and furnaces.

Our Specialty Lining Expertise

  • Upgrade of refractory lining
  • Re-design of burner refractory throats
  • Maintenance on existing refractory linings
  • Fabrication of refractory lined units or components
  • We stock a complete line of refractory and ceramic fiber components.

Our managers have 20 plus years of experience in refractory services. Our crews also have the experience and training required to perform excellent work, safely and efficiently.

Refractory Contacts
Jeffrey Estes
Project Manager - Refractory: Sugar Mills
Email: jestes@estesla.com
John Swope
Project Manager - Refractory: Industrial
Email: jswope@estesla.com
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