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Here’s who we are…

Estes is looking forward to being included in your up coming projects. Estes is an ASME certified, licensed general contractor with a very strong mechanical and structural field service/maintenance arm, along with its major refractory, insulation, and boiler erection and repair capabilities. Estes has been serving special industry needs in these capacities since 1981.

Thanks for consideration with your maintenance and construction needs.

Travis Estes
Brian Louviere
Division Manager Insulation
Brian Louviere II
Glynn Carline
Division Manager Boiler Div.
John Rutledge
Ed Hampton
Mechanical Construction Mgr
Paul Gobert
Refactory Proj. Mgr
Wade Estes
Project Mgr.
Donald Estes
Refractory Manager
Teri Melder
Office Manager
Jonas Buteaux