“Computerized technology provides our clients with the most efficient application from Cryogenic to +2000 degrees.”

Area of Specialty in Insulation

Estes Refractory and Insulation of Louisiana, Inc. pursues the entire range of contracting, with expertise in Industrial, Commercial, and Marine applications.

Our industrial and commercial applications include:

  • A complete range of applied insulation from cryogenic to +2000 degrees F.
  • Removable and reusable thermal insulation blankets for use on maintenance areas.
  • Sound abatement materials.
  • Insulation of process piping, steam piping, plumbing, boilers, chillers, and duct work.
  • Acoustical treatment of equipment rooms.
  • A 24 hour service for capital projects as well as for maintenance.
Brian Louviere
Division Manager Insulation
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